Taste Of Silver 2

Bienvenue Studios

Silver is the most creative space within Vals and 7132 Hotels. So, every year, we invite creative friends to see our home, experience our work, and feel our vibes. What comes out is a new Menu booklet and a dedicated gift for all our guests. Learn about Wu and Oli's work from Zurich-based Bienvenue Studios and receive one of their limited 7132 Riso prints when visiting 7132 Silver.

Bienvenue Studios & 7132 Silver

Silver Sounds

Whether in Switzerland's number one hideaway, the office, or at home - we look after the relaxing vibes. 7132 Hotels teamed up with the curators of BespokeSound and provided the dedicated tunes from our 7132 venues. Follow our 7132 Hotels Spotify Channel and join the first Silver Sounds playlist. More to come.

Silver Sounds Spotify