It's Me time

In the thermal baths you can leave all the hectic rushing around and stress behind you. Enjoy a massage. And the attractive prospect that there’s nothing on the agenda except: "It's me time". Let your thoughts wander freely. Take a panoramic flight in the hotel's own helicopter in the afternoon. Sit on a park bench and take a deep breath. Listen to the chirping of a cricket - or a jazz pianist playing the Steinway grand in the evening. This is how beautiful the summer can be at the 7132 Hotel in Vals.


Reach for new heights

Be inspired by the magnificent mountains of Vals. Explore them step by step. As you do so, let your mind wander and scale new heights. Breathe deeply and recharge your batteries with fresh mountain air. Drop by at a mountain restaurant for refreshment. Here in Vals you have the best 140 km of hiking trails in Grisons at your feet.