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Vals Collection

  1. Valser Hot Stone Ritual with Peeling

    Heat from Vals quartzite stones Melt away tension and bring your body and mind back into harmonious balance. Body brushing and exfoliation first smooth and soften skin, followed by an indulgent massage using nourishing essential oils and warmed valser stones to ease tired, aching muscles. Finally, a comforting scalp massage and gentle stretching allows you to relax and unwind.

  2. Vals Poultice Body Ritual

    Revitalise and rebalance mind and body with this holistic body ritual, enriched with alpine sources ingredients. Your treatment begins with a calming foot ritual using Valser stones to cleanse the skin and stimulate reflex points on the feet. Following full body exfoliation, tired muscles are then massaged using our bespoke, muslin-wrapped herbal infusions with ingredients sourced from the nearby countryside. The experience continues with a full body massage before finishing with tension-relieving scalp massage.
    Includes: Body exfoliation, full-body and facial massage using warm herbal infusions, Scalp massage.

  3. Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a therapy aimed at transmitting information within the body, whose sources of information are known as meridians. The treatment involves restoring a balance between the meridians. Our experienced therapist begins by running through your medical history and discussing in detail your physical state and any ailments. She conducts a pulse, stomach and tongue diagnosis to determine precisely which acupuncture points and course of treatment best meet your needs. The addition of manual elements such as massages with ESPA products complete this treatment.

ESPA Signature Treatments

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention to the present. Scientific studies show that it not only inhibits depression, but also promotes enduring changes in mood and levels of happiness and wellbeing. Mindfulness is one of the cornerstones of the ESPA philosophy, a key part of our integrated approach to natural beauty and inner peace.

  1. Mindful Body Treatment

    Unwind, escape the pace of everyday life and emerge with a sense of renewed positivity. This holistic, deeply relaxing and clarifying experience works on the concept of mindfulness, focusing on both mind and body to help you reduce stress and be more in the present. The therapist guides you skilfully through breathing and visualisation techniques to help calm the mind and quell physical or emotional anxieties. The metamorphic zones on the feet are then massaged to help rebalance and ground the body, before a soothing, deeply therapeutic massage promotes positivity in the mind, finishing with a re-energising scalp massage using warm rose quartz crystals.
    Includes: breathing and visualisation techniques, massage of the metamorphic zones of the feet, full-body massage, head massage with warm rose quartz crystals.

ESPA Escape & Renew Treatments

  1. Restorative Body Ritual

    Experience pure indulgence with our most luxurious body-mind ritual aimed at nourishing the skin, relieving tension and enveloping you in pure relaxation from head to toe.
    The exfoliating body scrub leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft and is followed by a detoxifying body wrap to boost circulation, or soothe and nourish – depending on your needs. Your personalised aromatherapy massage leaves you feeling revitalised and regenerated.
    Includes: exfoliating body scrub, body wrap with head massage, full-body massage.

  2. Total Holistic Body Treatment

    This holistic ritual is perfect for anyone suffering from stress-induced tension in the back, neck and shoulders. Leave the stress of everyday life behind with a gentle exfoliating scrub followed by hot stones to soothe and relax your muscles.
    Includes: body polish, hot stone back massage, personalised ESPA facial and soothing head massage.

ESPA Facials for Women

  1. Facials Unique To You

    Why face the frustration of dehydration, damaged and dull skin tones when our uniquely personalised intensive facial uses techniques and products selected specifically to suit your individual skin needs following a SkinVision™ analysis.
    Whether to hydrate, desensitise, brighten, lift & firm or purify, your expert therapist will choose the perfect ESPA skincare products including an intensive booster serum to achieve maximum results.
    Includes: SkinVision™ analysis of the facial skin, deep cleansing, exfoliating scrub, appropriate massage and mask.

  2. Anti-Aging Lift & Firm Facial

    Let your age remain a beautifully well-kept secret with this instantly rejuvenating facial.
    Luxurious, highly effective and entirely personalised, this expert treatment incorporates an optimal balance of products and techniques to ensure maximum effects on your skin. Using either ESPA’s SuperActive™ Lift & Firm range or advanced LifeStage range alongside specialised facial lifting techniques, your therapist works to stimulate collagen production and target all signs of ageing. The results are instant – lines and wrinkles are minimised, redness and pigmentation diminished, plus the complexion is smoother, firmer, even-toned and instantly rejuvenated.
    Includes: SkinVision™ analysis of the facial skin, deep brush cleanse, face mask, contouring and lifting facial massage techniques, professional lifting and smoothing mask and head massage, ESPA Lift & Firm or LifeStage product range.

  3. Lift & Firm Eye Treatment

    Perfect for those who are concerned with signs of ageing around the eyes.
    An effective firming and hydrating treatment, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and relieve tension from eye-strain and computer headaches.
    Includes: A cleanse, exfoliation, massage and application of our Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum.

ESPA Men’s Collection

  1. ESPA Back, Face & Body Recharge

    Release the tension, instantly strengthen your complexion and relax with our most renowned treatment.
    This massage targets key areas of stress and tension and is followed by a revolutionary, results-driven facial perfectly tailored to meet your skin’s individual needs. An expert scalp massage relieves stress, invigorates and recharges – leaving you feeling revitalised, relaxed and radiant.
    Includes: exfoliating back scrub, back massage, personalised facial, scalp massage.

ESPA Massages

  1. Inner Calm

    Find your inner calm with this deeply relaxing and soothing treatment for body and mind, including a specially selected blend of oils specifically tailored to you. Warm neck and eye cushions help you unwind. Enjoy this soothing, holistic treatment combined with a personalised aromatherapy massage and warm rose quartz crystals on the scalp.
    Includes: warm neck and eye cushions, full-body aromatherapy massage, rose quartz crystals.

  2. Swedish Massage

    Based on traditional invigorating manual interventions using a nourishing calendula-infused oil.

  3. New Beginnings Massage

    Extremely soothing body massage of particularly stressed areas of the body during pregnancy and after childbirth.

  4. Deep Muscle Massage

    A vigorous full-body massage to alleviate deep-seated muscle tension.

  5. Muscle Reviver Massage

    A deep, therapeutic massage focusing on the back, shoulders, neck and feet to achieve a feeling of total relaxation.

  6. Foot Massage

    A warm foot bath optimally prepares your feet for the ensuing foot massage. This treatment is designed to relax your feet, boost circulation and leave you with a sense of renewed wellbeing.

ESPA Body Collection

  1. Contour & Firm Body Treatment

    Specialised full-body treatment to help eliminate toxins from the body and tauten and firm the skin.
    Includes: exfoliating body scrub with iced and warm mitts, detoxifying wrap, lymphatic drainage, deep stimulating massage, light intestinal massage and head massage.

  2. Advanced Body Cocoon

    This personalised sea mud body wrap gently raises the body temperature, nourishes the skin and increases the absorbing effects of the wrap.
    Includes: brush massage, exfoliating body scrub, mud wrap and head massage.

  3. Detoxifying Body Treatment

    Body wrap with detoxifying algae extracts tautens and firms the skin, lending it a refreshing new glow.
    Includes: brush massage, exfoliating body scrub, algae wrap and head massage.

  4. Salt & Oil Scrub

    This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment, or in preparation for an ESPA Massage. For a lighter application Exfoliating Body Polish is applied instead of Salt & Oil Scrub.
    Includes: full-body exfoliating scrub with sea salt and oil. Also available with:

    Grapefruit & Cypress - Invigorating grapefruit, cypress and eucalyptus stimulate the circulation and help flush out toxins, while nourishing sweet almond oil melts into the skin, deeply hydrating and replenishing it.

    Lime & Menthol - Intense awakening, invigorating the senses with a stimulating effect while deeply hydrating with sweet almond oil.

    Rosemary & Lavender - A deeply soothing blend of essential oils to help the skin stay soft and smooth.

Day Spa

  1. Mindful@7132

    Can be booked Monday to Thursday according to availability

    Admission to the Thermal Baths
    Two-course Mindfood Lunch at the 7132 Blue Bar (including 1 Vals water and 1 herbal tea)
    Mindful Body Treatment.

Hair Salon Ladies (Wed - Sun)

  1. Shampoo, head massage, style or blow-dry

  2. Shampoo, head massage, cut and blow-dry

  3. Shampoo, head massage, cut, colour or tint or highlights and blow-dry

Hair Salon Ceremonies (Wed - Sun)

  1. Tricobios with Oil Bath

    Tricobios has an active effect on the hair structure and nourishes and rebuilds damaged and stressed hair.
    Supplement for long hair CHF 40

  2. Resurrection

    Has an active effect on the hair structure. Adds thickness and volume to thin, limp hair.
    Supplement for long hair CHF 40

Hair Salon Finishing Touches (Wed - Sun)

  1. Eyebrow shaping

  2. Eyelash or eyebrow dyeing

  3. Eyebrow shaping, eyelash and eyebrow dyeing

Hair Salon Men (Wed - Sun)

  1. Shampoo, head massage incl. tonic, cut and blow-dry


Guests having a manicure or pedicure including nail polish can choose a free Original OPI polish (except gel polish).

  1. Manicure Incl. nail polish

  2. Luxury manicure

    Our manicure includes a holistic beauty package for your hands consisting of a revitalising hand bath, peeling, anti-aging serum and a moisturising massage.

  3. Incl. nail polish, exfoliating scrub, anti-aging serum

  4. Standard Polish Change

  5. Gel Polish Removal


Guests having a manicure or pedicure including nail polish can choose a free Original OPI polish (except gel polish).

  1. Pedicure

  2. Pedicure incl. nail polish

  3. Luxury Pedicure

  4. Luxury Pedicure incl. nail polish