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Fit by 7132 Retreat

A break for body and mind

More than half of all adult Europeans are overweight and out of shape. Have we forgotten how to live healthy lives? Or is the human body of the 21st century already too spoilt by unhealthy diets, excessive stress and lack of exercise? Scientist and prevention expert Michael Despeghel will show you in our Fit by 7132 Retreat how to get your body back in shape and how to get re-inspired. To this end, he takes a holistic lifestyle approach: The Fit by 7132 Retreat deals not least with the right way to live your life and provides fundamental physiological guidance on the body’s metabolism and hormone balance that is based on the latest scientific findings.

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For a healthy lifestyle, filled with energy

The key to a healthy and happy life is in your mind, and it involves your diet as much as your daily workout. In their charming and easy-to-follow tutorial, Michael Despeghel and his team of experts cast new light on diet, exercise, stress reduction and clean sleeping before combining them into an optimal well-being concept.

The ultimate fitness formula: 2+2 +4

Over many years of research and development work, the team of Dr. Michael Despeghel devised a forward-looking and globally unique health concept: The “2 + 2 and 4” concept is a smart symbiosis of sports medicine, orthomolecular medicine, natural medicine and scientific know-how. This sensitive combination is intended to help you regenerate your body and mind and to unburden yourself from everything that holds you back. It is a concept with a proven track record – as Dr. Michael Despeghel is a leading expert in European preventive and regenerative medicine.

Exclusive relaxation in Vals – the most scenic retreat in the mountains of the Grisons

With the latest upgrade of the 7132 Hotel completed since summer 2017, your Fit by 7132 Retreat will be more pleasant yet. The existing buildings underwent an extensive architectonic renovation that elevated them to the 5-star superior standard. Designed in accordance with the latest insights in the psychology of buildings and spaces, and embedded in the archaic alpine world of Vals, it has become a place full of harmony.

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It’s me time

Simply leave all the stress and hassle behind so as to focus fully on yourself and your body. During your 3-day retreat, you will be taken care of by a team of preventive medicine experts and scientists. Under their guidance, we will develop a bespoke fitness and health program for you.

Our program

Thursday, 06.05.2021 – Sunday, 09.05.2021



  • 3 overnight stays, full board, in a room of your choice either at the 7132 Hotel ***** Superior or at the House of Architects **** by 7132
  • 4 lectures on the subject of vitality and productivity
  • Creating of a personal sports-medicine check-up for you
  • Conducting a personal analysis of your lab report
  • Briefing you on the latest findings in nutrition research
  • Introducing you to relaxation techniques and motion exercises
  • 3 hands-on units with our fitness coach
  • 3 “fit for the day” outdoor coaching sessions
  • Developing a personal 12-week training and action plan
  • 8-week health coaching: weekly comparing of notes via e-mail or phone, check training journal, implementation advice, motivational aids, and adaptation of the training control to the progress made

  • Free admission to the 7132 thermal baths
  • Service charge and VAT included

Prices per person:

At the House of Architects by 7132

CHF 1,900 double occupancy
CHF 2,100 single occupancy

At the 7132 Hotel

Double room
CHF 2,100 double occupancy, and CHF 2,700 single occupancy

Spa Deluxe Room
CHF 2,650 double occupancy, and CHF 3,600 single occupancy



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Got questions concerning the retreat? If so, please do get in touch with us. We very much look forward to talking to you.

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