The cows of 7132 Hotel

We are proud to present the 7132 Hotel’s cows.

Yes, the 7132 Hotel even has its own cows. Their milk is used to make cheese, yoghurt and butter for the breakfast buffet. Allows us to introduce Jenny and Franziska: two staff members at the 7132 Hotels, although in fact they’re on permanent holiday in Vals. Read on for details of when and where the two of them may be found when you’re out and about in the area.

Visiting the hens.

You’re welcome to choose how you would like your breakfast egg done at the 7132 Hotel. But not where it comes from: all the eggs come exclusively from Vals. We’re visiting Silvia and Armando Furger on their farm, where their hens lay fresh eggs for the 7132 Hotel.

Arrival at the 7132 Hotel.

What does it feel like to come to Vals in the evening after a day’s work and enjoy the 7132 Thermal Baths at night? Let us take you on a trip that starts in Ilanz and ends with a deep sleep in a king-size bed at the 7132 Hotel.