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7132 Thermal Cinema

For the third time, the outdoor area and outdoor pool of the thermal baths will be transformed into a spectacular open-air cinema. From August 2nd to September 8th, night bathing starts already at 8.45 p.m. with a movie underneath the stars. 

The opening movie will be Wes Anderson's «Grand Budapest Hotel» on Friday, August 2nd. From then on, Wednesdays will be for English-language movies whereas on Sundays we will screen Swiss productions, blockbusters and documentaries in German. 

Book your tickets including night bathing at [email protected] and start your movie night with a dinner at 7132 Red: Book online


Fri, August 2

Grand Budapest Hotel (English, DE subtitles)

Wes Anderson, 2014

The hotel foyer as the theater of the world. The secret director of wonderful entrances and exits is the legendary concierge Monsieur Gustave. He knows the preferences and secret wishes of his well-traveled, eccentric guests. One lady even leaves him a painting, for which he ends up in prison shortly afterward and then escapes. In the course of further turbulent events, the page Zero Moustafa becomes his confidant. Together they go in search of the missing painting, become embroiled in a dangerous dispute over a family fortune and the turmoil of a suddenly dramatically changing society in the interwar period.


Sun, August 4

Perfect Days (German, EN subtitles)

Wim Wenders, 2024

Wim Wenders' «Perfect Days» is almost documentary-like. A feature film that resulted from an invitation to Tokyo. He was actually only supposed to visit one of the Japanese capital's prestigious buildings: 17 public toilets designed by the country's star architects. Wenders was actually supposed to make a documentary film about these places, but quickly abandoned the idea after an initial visit, wanting to elevate these toilet temples, as he describes them, into a fictional context and spin a story around the location. A story about the simple life of a man who is completely at peace with himself.


Wed, August 7

The Pianist (English, DE and FR subtitles)

Roman Polanski, 2002

Director Roman Polanski adapted the autobiography «The Pianist - My Miraculous Survival» by Polish pianist and composer Władysław Szpilman. Awarded three Oscars (Best Director, Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay), seven Césars, the European Film Award and the Palme d'Or, among others, «The Pianist» depicts the events in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second World War in documentary-like images.


Sun, August 11

One Life (German, EN subtitles)

James Howes, 2024

The young London stockbroker Nicholas Winton learns about the appalling conditions in the Czech refugee camps from a friend. Without further ado, he travels to Prague and witnesses first-hand how Jewish families fleeing persecution are left to their fate without shelter or food. Dismayed, he develops a daring plan. And so, with the active support of his mother in London and a local aid organization, an unprecedented rescue operation begins - always threatened by the approaching fascist invasion. How many children can they save before the borders are closed?


Wed, August 14

Barbie (English, DE subtitles)

Greta Gerwig, 2023

Living in Barbie Land means leading a perfect existence in a perfect place. Unless, of course, you're in the middle of an existential crisis. Or you're a Ken. Because behind the facade, there are strict rules: If you're not pretty or perfect enough, you're simply cast out. This is what happens to the plastic doll Barbie (Margot Robbie). After being expelled from Barbieland, the doll magically transforms into a real person. It is only in the real world that Barbie really gets to know herself and her own strengths.


Sun, August 18

And tomorrow we will be dead (German, EN and FR subtitles)

Michael Steiner, 2021

The young Swiss couple Daniela Widmer and David Och were kidnapped in 2011 while traveling along the ancient Silk Road in Pakistan, abducted 500 kilometers away to war-torn Waziristan and handed over to the Taliban. The two are now held hostage for eight months under precarious conditions until they manage to escape from the Taliban, the only civilians to do so to date. Michael Steiner's feature film, which is based on a true story, consistently takes the perspective of the two ex-hostages, addressing the harsh conditions, their fear but also the dangers to which even their captors were exposed.


Wed, August 21

White Bird (English, DE and IT subtitles)

Marc Forster, 2024

After being expelled from his school for bullying another student, Julian's grandmother, Grandmère, decides the best way to teach him kindness is by opening up about her own experience. About how one family, and a boy she herself once shunned for being different became her saviors. A Jewish girl in the Nazi-occupied Alsace region and a kind young boy, the true hero of the story. 


Sun, August 25

I Giacometti (German, EN subtitles)

Suzanna Fanzun, 2023

The director Susanna Fanzun, a native of the Swiss Engadine valley, follows in the footsteps of the Giacometti family and takes us on a journey to the origins of their creativity. Masterful paintings paired with sketches, personal letters, contemporary witnesses and breathtaking shots of the Alpine landscape allow us to look deep into the heart of this extraordinary family of artists. Before heading to the movie, visit Alberto Giacometti's suitcase in the lobby of the 7132 Hotel.


Wed, August 28

Wonka (English, DE and IT subtitles)

Paul King, 2024

Who is the ingenious inventor, the world's greatest magician and chocolate maker that everyone knows and loves today? The film "Wonka" holds the key to this question. This film revolves around the wonderful biography of the character described by Roald Dahl in his most famous book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", which is also one of the most widely read children's books in the world. In the film, we see how the young Willy Wonka sets out to bring joy with his chocolate - a project that soon becomes a worldwide phenomenon.


Sun, September 1

Stürm - until we are dead or free (German, EN subtitles)

Olivier Rihs, 2022

In her fight against the backward legal system of the 1980s, idealistic lawyer Barbara Hug finds an unexpected ally in the egotistical criminal Walter Stürm. Hug wants to use Stürm's popularity as an escapee to achieve her goal of reforming the Swiss penal system. But the less Walter Stürm bows to her logic, the more she falls under the spell of his irrepressible desire for freedom.


Wed, September 4

Broken Flowers (English, DE subtitles)

Jim Jarmusch, 2005

Jim Jarmusch is the last truly independent director of American cinema. In his melancholic masterpiece «Broken Flowers», Bill Murray receives a pink letter in which an anonymous lover tells him that he has a son and then visits all his exes. They could all have written the pink letter, but perhaps none of them did. The world is full of clues - following them doesn't necessarily lead to an answer, but it certainly leads to a story.


Sun, September 8

Architecture of Infinity (German, EN subtitles)

Christoph Schaub, 2018

Follow Christoph Schaub as he explores the magic of sacred spaces with the architects Peter Zumthor, Peter Märkli, Alvaro Siza Vieira. The film goes far beyond religious buildings. The artists think about what constitutes spatial spirituality and search for the "spiritual life" in construction, fine arts, and nature.


Admission including bath towel rental is CHF 60 for external guests and CHF 30 for residents of Vals (bathrobe rental: CHF 15). The movies start at 9 p.m., after which the thermal baths are open to you until 1 a.m. for bathing at night. The films can be watched in the water and from the pool's edge at a reduced rate. The film screenings are independent of the weather and will only be canceled in the case of thunderstorms or strong winds. In that case please contact us via +41 58 7132 010.