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7132 Thermal Cinema

This summer, the outdoor area and outdoor pool of the thermal baths will be transformed into a spectacular open-air cinema for the second time. Between August 11th and September 24th, night bathing begins on Wednesday and Sunday at 8.45 p.m. with a memorable movie under the starry sky.

While Sunday evening is devoted to English-language movies - we will screen Swiss films, blockbusters, and documentaries in German with subtitles on Wednesday evening.

Admission for external guests, including bath towel rental: CHF 50 and CHF 25 for residents of Vals (bathrobe rental: CHF 15). Our performances start at 9 p.m., after which the thermal baths are open to you until 1 a.m. for bathing at night. The films can be watched in the water and dry from the pool's edge at a reduced rate. The film screenings are independent of the weather, unless there is a storm

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Friday, August 11

Jaws (german, EN subtitles)

Steven Spielberg, 1975

In Spielberg's thriller, a seaside resort on a vacation island on the east coast of the United States is invaded by a man-eating great white shark. The feature film, based on Peter Benchley's best-selling novel of the same name, ushered in the era of Hollywood-produced blockbuster cinema with worldwide box office earnings of more than one billion US dollars in the year it was released.


Sunday, August 13

Night Train to Lisbon (english, GER subtitles)

Bille August, 2013

In memory of the recently deceased Swiss author Pascal Mercier (Peter Bieri), we show the movie in the original language. One day, the Latin teacher Raimund Gregorius meets a mysterious Portuguese woman on the Kirchenfeld Bridge in Bern who is just about to throw herself into the water. He decides to intervene and saves the young woman's life.


Wednesday, August 16

Pulp Fiction (german, EN subtitles)

Quentin Tarantino, 1994

Twenty-four hours in Los Angeles. Normal gangster life. Hitmen Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield must clean up an unwanted body, couple Pumpkin, and Honey Bunny rob a restaurant, and boxer Butch has to flee town after a deal goes wrong - a $100 million hit with the highest artistic quality.


Sunday, August 20

Melancholia (english, GER subtitles)

Lars von Trier, 2011

Lars von Trier wanted to make "a beautiful movie about the end of the world." The meatloaf tastes of ashes; birds fall from the sky; the horses in the stable get restless. In Lars von Trier's gloomy apocalypse, things look bad for planet Earth. The giant planet Melancholia flies toward Earth, threatening to wipe out all life.


Wednesday, August 23

Le Grand Bain (German, FR subtitles)

Gilles Lellouche, 2018

When Bertrand, suffering from depression, accidentally bumps into a group of enthusiastic men about synchronized swimming, the man in his mid-40s also spontaneously signs up for training at the local swimming pool. The squad is a motley crew of men with all sorts of problems.


Sunday, August 27

Above and Below (Englisch, GER subtitles)

Nicolas Steiner, 2015

A rough rollercoaster ride of survivalists in a world of challenge and beauty. Rick & Cindy in the flood channels deep beneath the sparkling streets of Las Vegas, Dave in an abandoned bunker in the arid no man's land, and April in the rocky desert of Utah on her mission to Mars. Hurled into unknown worlds, we encounter souls more closely related than we would think.


Wednesday, August 30

Corsage (German, GER subtitles)

Marie Kreutzer, 2022

We see two servants standing in front of a bathtub. Inside is Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria-Hungary (1837-1898) with her head underwater and holding her breath while the maids are counting the seconds and, after emerging, disagree about how long it was. Suffocated by conventions, and hungry for knowledge and life, Sisi increasingly rebels against the court's rules.


Sunday, September 3

The Son (englisch, GER subtitles)

Florian Zeller, 2023

After the Oscar hit "The Father," Florian Zeller delivers part two of his ambitious family trilogy with "The Son." Peter, Beth, and their baby enjoy fresh family happiness in a chic New York apartment. But then his ex-wife Kate knocks on the door. Before she can say anything, the head of the family clarifies that she is not wanted there. But Kate has good reasons for the lightning visit: their son Nicholas urgently needs help.


Wednesday, September 6

Drii Winter (german, EN subtitles)

Michael Koch, 2022

In a remote mountain village, high in the Swiss Alps, the young love between Anna and Marco is tested. Anna grew up in the town and has a daughter from a previous relationship, while Marco came to the valley as an outsider to help the farmers with the hard work on the steep slopes. When Marco suddenly loses control of his impulses, and his behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable, old tensions in the village community resurface.


Sunday, September 10

Intouchables (german, EN subtitles)

Olivier Nakache & Éric Toledano, 2011

Although Philippe is wealthy and intelligent, he needs help with everyday life as he is paralyzed from the neck down. When he hires a new caregiver, he chooses young black Driss, who hast just been released from prison, to the dismay of his friends and confidants. An unusual male friendship develops between the two.


Wednesday, September 13

Stürm - until we are dead or free (german, EN subtitles)

Oliver Rihs, 2022

In her fight against the backward legal system of the 1980s, the idealistic lawyer Barbara Hug finds an unexpected ally in the selfish criminal Walter Stürm. Hug wants to use Stürm's popularity as the king of prison breaks to reform the Swiss penal system. But the less Walter Stürm bows to her logic, the more she succumbs to the fascination of his irrepressible desire for freedom.


Sunday, September 17

Surprise film on the subject of gastronomy


Wednesday. September 20

Der Bestatter - Der Film (german only)

Markus Fischer, 2023

Mike Müller slips into the role of Luc Conrad for the last time and investigates a mysterious murder with his crew in a well-known manner. The former undertaker and ex-cop Luc Conrad, who runs a restaurant in Costa Rica in his new life, travels to Switzerland to celebrate her 70th birthday with Erika Bürgisser. His old companions Fabio Testi and the two Aargau police officers Anna-Maria and Doerig are invited to the celebration in an old, run-down hotel in the Engadin. As everyone gathers in the garden to celebrate, the hotel manager dies under mysterious circumstances.


Sunday, September 24

Architecture of Infinity (german, EN subtitles)

Christoph Schaub, 2018

Last year the film in Vals had to be canceled due to a thunderstorm. We won't let that stop us and are showing Christoph Schaub's work this year. He explores the magic of sacred spaces with the architects Peter Zumthor, Peter Märkli, Alvaro Siza Vieira, and artists such as the light artist James Turrell and the musician Jojo Mayer. The film goes far beyond church buildings. The artists think about what constitutes spatial spirituality and search for the "spiritual life" in construction, fine arts, and nature.