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An Icon turns 25

Spring returns to Vals, and the last snow in the valley slowly gives way to the harbingers of summer: colorful blossoms and the first mountain herbs give you an idea of ​​how lush and green it will soon be in the Grisons Alps — made to spend the coming long weekends in the 7132 world. Whether bunnies & bubbles at Easter or extensive bathing at night on ascension. We look forward to welcoming you back to mountain spring.

Do you remember where you were on December 14, 1996?

Many Valsers know it. On that day, exactly 25 years ago, the landmark of Vals was officially opened and since then has shone far beyond the village and our national borders. A building that still touches people like this after 25 years? Unimaginable at that time. Vals without our thermal bath from Peter Zumthor? Probably unimaginable today.

We are looking forward to the next 25 years and have made a short film for the icon of the baths - take a bath of nature.

Welcome to our hideaway!

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Katrin Rüfenacht
General Manager