7132 Hotel - undivided attention

No obligations, far removed from any hectic rush and crowds - a warm welcome to the 7132 Hotel. Here in Vals you can look forward to service that quickly knows what you like. And what you don’t like.


A masterpiece

The Grisons architect Peter Zumthor didn’t just build the thermal baths - he created a masterpiece out of 60,000 quartzite slabs. A homage to Vals and the archaic natural setting of the 7132 Hotel. An architectural milestone that was classified as a listed building shortly after completion. Having won national and international awards, the thermal baths attract those in search of relaxation as well as architecture enthusiasts from all over the world

  • The first guests

    Where the thermal baths stand today, clay fragments were found dating back to the Crestaulta culture - Middle Bronze Age, about 1300 to 1500 BC. Even at that time the people here appreciated the pleasant temperature (30° Celsius) and soothing power of the thermal spring water.

    The first guests
  • Fathoming the springs

    The apothecary Capeller first subjected the spring water to a chemical examination in 1826. His medical colleague J.A. Kaiser then carried out an analysis that confirmed the water’s healing, therapeutic qualities. The temperature and mineral content are soothing and antispasmodic. An unforgettable experience.

    Fathoming the springs
  • Opening of "Kurhaus Therme Vals"

    St. Peter’s spring with its temperature of 30° Celsius was first tapped in 1891, and the Vals spa house opened just two years later in summer 1893 with 60 beds and a bathhouse.

    Opening of
  • From spa house to spa centre

    Kurt Vorlop took over management in 1964 and developed the spa house into a spa centre with thermal baths and a wave pool. The facility saw its festive public opening in 1970. The municipality of Vals acquired the spa hotel in 1983 and drew up plans to refurbish the spa centre and enhance the feel-good experience for guests.

    From spa house to spa centre
  • Rock thermal baths by Peter Zumthor

    The reconstruction initiated by the municipality of Vals was carried out by well-known Grisons architect Peter Zumthor. He created an archaic masterpiece out of 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite: it was classified as a listed building just two years after opening.

    Rock thermal baths by Peter Zumthor
  • 7132 Hotel - The Art of Alpine Luxury

    "7132” is the Vals postcode and the hotel's new name. Undivided attention, passion and surprise. This is what 7132 stands for.

    7132 Hotel - The Art of Alpine Luxury