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7132. What a strange name for a hotel! As our guest at the 7132 hotel, you are more than a number and we go out of our way to ensure you enjoy genuine hospitality. Along with supreme quality and utter relaxation, far removed from mass tourism. A warm welcome to you.


Close the door and breathe deeply. And enjoy simply doing nothing in one of our author’s rooms. Or read a good book. Let your thoughts wander. As your eyes take in the mountainside opposite. Awesome.


Welcome to our restaurants. Wherever possible, all use products that have roamed or grown in our fields and gardens. All offer the peak of culinary pleasure. Even GaultMillau certifies our cuisine a standard that is quite some way above the tree line.


After you have yielded to the Sound of Silence in the spa, in the Blue Hall later that evening the warm tones of a saxophone or the Steinway Grand are certain to melt the ice cubes in your drink. This is the home of the Blues.


Vals’ magic formula is very simple: 1000 residents, 1000 sheep and 1000 hotel beds. This magical ratio is the secret of the relaxed atmosphere in the Vals valley. Discretion is everything. Vals is sheer indulgence.


60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite. Stacked into a splendid architectural tribute to the archaic world of the Vals valley. Peter Zumthor did not just build any old thermal spa. He built the Therme, epitome of a thermal spa. A sensation, if ever there was one!


The water of the Therme Vals comes from a calcium-sulphate-hydrogen-carbonate thermal spring. In slightly less chemical terms: it’s an ultra-healthy spring. Short and wet, some key facts about the Therme.


Doing nothing at all is by no means all you can do at the 7132 Hotel. Wouldn’t it be lovely, for instance, to do yourself a whole lot of good for once? Voilà, our extensive wellness programme.

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